Welcome to Four State Stockyards!

Our Pledge

Four State Stockyards
Exeter, Missouri

At Four State Stockyards we will work hard to help you get the most value out of your hard work. We provide knowledgeable Field Representatives, a helpful and friendly sales staff and a family friendly facility to make your buying and selling experience more enjoyable. Our values are based on honesty, integrity, and a desire to provide exemplary customer service. Let us be your #1 Livestock Marketing Provider. 

Our Sellers

Four State Stockyards
Exeter, Missouri

All sellers should unload on the west side of the building. Please advise the check -in staff of anything the future buyer should be aware of. 

We have a knowledgeable vet on site on sale days that can provide a variety of services for a fee.

If you need help transporting your cattle to or from our facility, just let us know. We will help find someone local to haul your cattle. 

We do accept livestock any day of the week, we ask that you contact one of our field representatives to schedule a drop off.

Our Buyers

Four State Stockyards
Exeter, Missouri

We provide the opportunity to expand or grow your heard at great cattle market prices. 

We ask that all buyers report to the office for a buyer number. All livestock that goes thru our ring is available for bid. 

We encourage you to ask for help from any member of our staff to answer any questions during the auction.  

Our office will provide bill of sale upon payment. Our handlers will assist with loading if assistance is needed. 

Our Facilities

Four State Stockyards
Exeter, Missouri

Water-misters and fans are kept running around the clock during warm weather to keep your cattle calm and cool. We ensure that your livestock is handled and cared for properly when they are with us. You will appreciate the way our employees care for your animals in preparation for the sale. 

Our Restaurant

Four State Stockyards
Exeter, Missouri

At Four State Stockyards in Exeter, Missouri our restaurant is open all day on sale days - Grab a bite to eat and enjoy the sale!

Our Auctioneer

Four State Stockyards
Exeter, Missouri

Justin Dodson

Selling Commission & Yardage


  • Cows & Bulls           3% gross sales $17.00/head minimum
  • Calves                    $17.00/head
  • Sheep & Goats        6% gross sales $6.00/head minimum 


  • All Livestock            $1.00/head

Feed & Overnight

  • All Livestock            $2.00/head