Four State Stockyards - Auction Lineup

Weekly Sales

Livestock at Four State Stockyards in Exeter, Missouri

10:00 AM - Livestock: Feeder Calves followed by Weigh Cows & Bulls

6:00 PM - Livestock: Bred Cows and Pairs 

Special Sales

Four State Stockyards 
Livestock & Cattle

Four State Stockyards 

Special Cattle Sales - Exeter, Missouri

APRIL 27 @ 5:00PM  Replacement Cow and Bull Sale

 6/20/19: Wean-Vac Sale, 10am.
Contact us for tags and enrollment forms to maximize your opportunities in marketing your cattle. 

Check back for more information!

Monthly Sheep & Goat Sale

Four State Stockyards
Goat Sale 2nd Friday of the month

Sale scheduled the 2nd Friday of every month at Four State Stockyards

6:00 PM - Sale Begins